What Are CPAP Machines And, How Do They Work?

What Are CPAP Machines And, How Do They Work?

There are many breathing problems that people suffer from, if it is affecting your sleep then consult your doctor as using a CPAP machine may help you get uninterrupted and relaxing night sleep. People diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) find it very difficult to get sound sleep, with frequent interruptions and general discomfort in breathing when sleeping. This is because people who suffer from OSA have repeated pauses in breath due to the blockage in the airways at the back of the throat. A CPAP machine can help you clear the blockages and keep airways open at all times.

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Placement of the Device

For the machine to function properly and not cause an interruption in your sleep, it is important to set it up properly beside your bed. Make sure that the hose is long enough to reach the head of your bed. Ensure there is a power outlet nearby to make the device function without getting disconnected while sleeping. The place where the CPAP device is placed should be stable and not cause vibrations. Ideally, people find it most convenient to place it securely on their bedside table, where it is easy to access, and switch it on or off when required.

Assemble the Device

Typically, a CPAP machine has an air pump, a face mask, a hose, and a filter. The filter needs to be placed inside the machine, every machine has its unique design and filter size, check the user manual to see where the filter gets attached to the device. The face mask is attached to the hose which is then connected to the air pump and the machine, which creates the air pressure helping people to breathe properly. There are a variety of face masks that can be attached to the machine, try out different designs and choose the one which you find to be the most comfortable.


Some CPAP machines come with humidifiers to prevent your mouth and throat from getting excessively dry when using the machine. Fill the machine’s humidifier with distilled water, which avoids mineral buildup in the machine causing other issues. The humidifier may improve sleep for some people, as getting mouth dry is discomforting, resulting in disturbed sleep. Consider the humidifier option before buying the machine.

Find a Comfortable Sleeping Position

When the machine is all set up and ready to be used, experiment with different sleeping positions while wearing the mask to ensure it does not cause discomfort while sleeping and the hose does not get difficulty in reaching where you are positioned, alter the positioning of the device so that it is best suited for your comfort and requirement.

A CPAP machine can be a savior for many people who suffer from breathing problems, it is always recommended to see your doctor and take their consultation before using a CPAP machine.

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