Instagram Stories Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Instagram Stories Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Stories are one of the most interesting features on Instagram, which is seen as a great option for attracting the audience to your activities. This is because stories present a different perspective to your content, as you can effectively inform your followers regarding different updates, or for a business, you can effectively showcase upcoming products or can post interesting behind the scenes activities regarding your work, how you record, and the general way of executing your business.

Growth to an Instagram profile is one of the most fundamental aspects that every account strives to have, whether they are conducting business, or acting as an influencer, people love to get associated with a large number of followers. Check out the free Instagram followers tips and hacks to get the maximum number of related followers to your account today.

In order to get the best growth possible, be sure to take an insight into what the community is looking at. Look up the most trending and popular vegan Instagram influencers to follow, or any other that may relate to your niche, to understand what the followers demand and how the influencer successfully manages to satisfy the audience. Additionally, look at the following article to be aware of the story mistakes you may be making on Instagram.


The biggest mistake most people make is that they do not appreciate the importance of stories since they believe they are not a good way of posting content as it disappears after 24 hours. This is not true, as stories are viewed very differently by the audience, and are appreciated for their exclusivity and their unique way of sharing what’s going on currently in their followings’ life. People like to stay connected to the people they love, and stories are an excellent way of sharing what is currently happening in your life or at a specified at.


One of the key elements for a business or brand is to maintain its identity and post content that is consistent. You may be mixing up fonts and background colors, as well as filters and all the other editing tools very often, which affects your identity and makes your stories confusing. It is important to use a proper font, color scheme, and filter to keep the consistency of your stories, which is similar to the theme of your business.

Use hashtags

Many people ignore hashtags because they get displayed on top of their stories and affect the aesthetics of the content. However, hashtags are essential for your content to reach out to the people you want to engage in your content, so be sure to use them. There is also an awesome hack to hide your hashtags if you find them annoying by minimizing them so that they become as small as possible and afterward covering the hashtag with the sticker or by adding a fixed color on top of them that matches the background.

Use stickers

The stickers make your stories have more meaning and are also a great way of engaging the audience to share their opinions and thoughts regarding the story. The new Add Yours sticker is one of the most popular stickers, that everyone is using these days, explore all the stickers to make your content more interactive.

These are some common mistakes people make when using the stories features, if you’re making any of these, then be sure to change the way you use stories on Instagram.

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