Why Healthcare Websites Must Be ADA and HIPAA Compliant

Why Healthcare Websites Must Be ADA and HIPAA Compliant

With all the patients having different medical needs but need different approaches, it can be quite difficult to tend to the needs of each of them. This is why you can get the best here. Matched with the best content for your website, be sure you can attend to the needs of each patient.

Not everyone can access services as everyone else due to the different abilities we all have. This is why you need to ensure all your patients can access information from your website with ease.

How to make a website ADA and HIPAA compliant

  1. Make the text size adjustable. Some people are short-sighted while others are long-sighted. Those that are short-sighted need larger texts while those that are long-sighted need smaller texts.
  2. Convert text to audio for those that are blind. The devices the blind use can make this feature possible and this is why you need to convert text to audio.
  3. Websites with videos should be captioned to help those with hearing ailments but can read the captions.
  4. Voice-enabled website assistants can help someone who is physically handicapped making their access information with much ease without typing.
  5. Make your website understandable to those who can misinterpret information. This mainly applies to patients with mental issues.

Why make your website ADA and HIPPA compliant

To serve everyone

Websites are meant to service everyone and give the information or services they need. For all your patients, you need to ensure everyone is served equally. No one should be left out during the process of accessing services. The reason why you need to ensure everyone can access the service.

To protect patient information

Some of the information a patient will share is sensitive and personal. Some might not be advisable to share and the person will be required to feed it themselves. To avoid the information from leaking to the wrong hands, it is important to make your website ADA and HIPPA compliant.

To comply with the law

The government is very strict with protecting the rights of all persons. A very huge fine of up to $1.5 million can be attracted due to failure to comply with the law. On the other hand, other than the law, you can attract a larger number of patients leading to the spread and improvements of services.

Encourages cybersecurity

Hackers can take advantage of persons with disabilities and mess up their data. When one can service themselves, they can discourage online frauds and promote healthy conversations without being phished.

In case a patient’s information goes to an unethical hacker and a court case is open for you, you can attract huge fines that can affect your finances in business.

In conclusion, look for a medical practice web design for good designs and ensure you get a good website up and running.

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