Where Germs Are Hiding in Your Kitchen?

Where Germs Are Hiding in Your Kitchen?

The kitchen is a sensitive place as almost all the food we take is prepared there. It is important to keep the place clean and free from dirt and germs.

However, it is not as easy as we think because we mostly do basic cleaning of the kitchen and thorough cleaning once in a while. This gives time for germs and bacteria to stay in our kitchens without us noticing.

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So, let’s see where germs are hiding in your kitchen.


Kitchen countertops are most times neglected during the cleaning times. We place our groceries after shopping on them and not disinfect them afterward.

Touching the countertops is a sure way of transferring germs on them, as this happens unconsciously.

Food particles that fall off when serving or preparing a meal, decompose and lead to the accumulation of germs and bacteria.

Sink and faucets

Sinks harbor most germs in the kitchen compared to any other surfaces. It happens when we are washing hands or groceries and not disinfect the sink.

Faucets are most neglected as they are barely noticeable during cleaning.

Dirt accumulates on faucets from our hands or other objects in the house accumulating germs.

Trash container

Trash cans harbor germs in the kitchen as all the dirt disposed of in there with time decomposes and lead to the formation of bacteria.

Whether we dispose of moist wastes, dry wastes, cooked leftovers, or non-food trash, they decompose and lead to the formation of germs in the kitchen.

Lining the trash container with a polythene bag is a hack to keep bacteria from transferring to other parts in the kitchen.

Kitchen cloth

How often do you disinfect your kitchen cloth?

Kitchen clothes are used for multipurpose tasks in the kitchen, from wiping off surfaces to drying hands after cleaning them.

This means they carry a lot of dirt from different surfaces, hence carry a lot of germs.

Using a paper towel is an effective way of keeping off germs in the kitchen. In addition to this, have multiple kitchen towels to keep all places clean.


Mobile phones carry the most germs compared to any other gadgets. This is because we rarely disinfect them and carry them everywhere we go, including the bathroom!

By simply placing a mobile phone on a surface that is not disinfected leads to the transfer of germs in the area.

We are encouraged to regularly disinfect our phones and phone covers to keep them clean and free from germs.

The monitor in your kitchen you use to read recipes from should also be disinfected as it harbors dirt. This is one of the most unexpected places to expect dirt in the kitchen but surprisingly, it is a common area.

Chopping boards

Are you using a wooden chopping board? Did you know wood harbors more bacteria and germs compared to plastic?

In case you leave your chopping board moist, just know that germs develop best in moist warm surfaces. It is important to thoroughly wash your chopping board and ensure it is dry before storage.

Consider thoroughly cleaning your groceries before chopping them instead of vice versa.

In conclusion, the kitchen should be kept sparkling clean by disinfecting surfaces and cutlery. Wash your groceries immediately after shopping for them and before cooking them.


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