What is the role of a certified access specialist in California?

What is the role of a certified access specialist in California?

According to the State of California, a certified access specialist (commonly known as CASp) is certified and tested professional who has special knowledge of state and federal accessibility standards and regulations. In this article, we go a step further and critically analyze what are the specific roles and services that a CASp can offer to the citizens of the state of California. To learn more check the link https://adacompliancepros.com/hire-a-casp/

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The Role of a certified access specialist (CASp)

Facilities must adhere to both federal and state laws and with the periodic changes to building code and standards, it is important you as the building owner not be found in violation of any current laws. This is where the CASp comes in. The professional has been well trained and tested by the State of California and knows which laws apply to your property. Based on the age and also the history of your improvements, there might be certain building codes that are applicable or not. A CASp will know all of this.

The chief role of a CASp is to inspect all areas of a facility to ensure that all areas are compliant with construction-related standards. In the case whereby certain non-compliant areas are located, corrective actions will be suggested. In the best-case scenario where all areas of the facility are declared compliant, the CASp will issue out a disability access inspection certificate. It is a record of the CASp performance on your property and its adherence to county construction-related standards.

The inspection report of the CASp

The result of the inspection of your premises by the CASp should be summarized by the production of an inspection report by the specialist. Below is the key information that should be contained in a CASp inspection report in the case of a site that has met ‘applicable standards’.

  •         The structures (building/ development) and other areas of the site which have been inspected should be identified and be described in their totality.
  •         There should be a signed and dated statement from the CASp that the inspected building(s) and the adjacent areas comply with the construction-related accessibility standards.
  •         There are cases whereby the inspector will issue out corrections and actions that need to be implemented by the owner or the tenant for the building to be compliant with standards. If this was the case, the inspection report will contain a list of all the corrective actions that were suggested by the CASp as well as the dates of completion. The report will then be signed and dated by the specialist.



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