What is the purpose of appointment reminder systems?

What is the purpose of appointment reminder systems?

A practitioner’s typical day is one that requires coordination of activities for it to run smoothly. And chief among those activities is the punctual arrival and diagnosis of patients. That’s why reminding patients (possible or repeat) of their scheduled appointments is critical for any business. On a busy weekday, if one of your patients misses an appointment, this is the start of a chaotic day. Appointment reminder systems have become an asset in any medical practice, saving the medical officer time and also maintaining good relations with clients.

As technology, machines, and devices see a daily and continuous improvement, appointment reminder systems have been introduced to ease the stress when it comes to appointments. In this article, we seek to give you the benefits and purpose of incorporating such a system.

Purpose and advantages of an Appointment Reminder system

1.       To minimize the number of patients who miss scheduled appointments

Simply because your patient has scheduled an appointment with you doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be on time. Due to the nature of their disease or illness, your patient could be heavily incapacitated. Or even, they might simply forget. They could be having a busy and hectic day at the office or at home.

That’s where your appointment reminder system comes in. It seeks to remind your patient well before time. If they are unavailable due to one reason or another, they can be able to communicate before time and reschedule. That way you are able to maintain good relations with your patients.

2.       Able to serve a mix of both scheduled and walk-in clients

Many professional practices are daily visited by walk-in clients, with no scheduled meetings. It becomes a challenge to schedule them for a meeting when the slotted time is already given to another who is running late. This gives the secretary a headache. Do you give priority to the walk-in or wait for the scheduled patient who is running late? With the appointment reminder system, say bye-bye to such a stressful encounter.

Early communication with clients allows you to plan your day well in advance. It also gives walk-ins an opportunity to get in and see the doctor rather than moving to an alternative office.

3.       Improve the quality of care offered

Using an automated system such as the appointment reminder systems, doctors are relieved of the stress of having unplanned and clashing appointments. They can fully focus on the duty at hand; and that is giving their diagnosis and quality patient care to their clients. Thanks to the system, each patient is allocated ample time to be treated and goes home feeling well served and cared for. There is no rush or the feeling of being slighted.

4.       Ease of work to the administrative staff

The administrative staff no longer has to waste valuable time, repeatedly making calls and follow up messages to clients with regards to their appointments. The entire process is streamlined and moves on efficiently.

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