What are civilian criminal investigators?

What are civilian criminal investigators?

The need for civilian criminal investigators arises in countries that are facing financial difficulties. It gets difficult for the police to undertake all these responsibilities so civilian investigators are appointed to share this burden and reduce the load off the police staff. Instead of expanding capabilities, most cities that are facing problems like these have cut down their costs by reducing the police personnel. The police have the responsibility of protecting its citizens and lowering down the crime rate. When the police personnel is reduced, crime rates increase, and citizens start feeling less secure and show signs of dissatisfaction. Private investigators have been playing a significant role in the judicial system and assist the government agencies in safeguarding society. If you are looking for a professional private investigator in Melbourne you might find some useful information here.

Civilian investigators

Civilian investigators are appointed to handle cases like traffic collisions, financial crises, crimes against persons, and property. These investigators need to have a bachelor’s degree in the criminal justice field and have to pass a background and a drug test. Besides these, they also need to complete the on-the-job training conduct by their respective agencies. This will ensure that they know well about their work and the rules and regulations that accompany it.

Research has shown that by reducing the sworn personnel and replacing them with civilian investigators, countries have been able to achieve an average cost saving of 29%. By hiring these people, the states have been observed to be subject to newer skills and talents. They have seen different personalities and characteristics and have been able to choose the perfect ones. This creates a much-widened pool of candidates, and the agency has a broader list to select from. People with new skills and specialties develop a strong grip on certain cases and possess the ability to solve them easily.

There are many benefits of hiring civilian criminal investigators, but there also have been some disadvantages. Where research has shown a positive influence on the society of these investigators, it has also discovered the drawbacks of it. One of the significant downsides is the absence of national uniformity that is required to guide cities in the adoption of these investigators. This is further led to an inconsistency in training standards and professional certification. Another issue that follows this practice is that it has caused uncertainty on behalf of those officials who are responsible for policy implementation. These investigators do not have the recognition and legitimacy that was possessed by other official police personnel.


With the help of the information above, it can be concluded that civilian criminal investigators are people who are hired by the government in this case to perform functions that protect the country and its citizens. The police have a great responsibility for their shoulders, and thus it becomes complicated at times to perform every duty equally well. This burden is reduced when civilian investigators attempt to share these responsibilities and assist them in protecting their people.

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