Resources to Help Veterans Become Business Owners

Resources to Help Veterans Become Business Owners

Veterans are regarded as the people who gave themselves over in the line of fire so that we can live and breathe as we are today. This display of courage alone deserves a considerable level of respect and admiration from each and every civilian and non-civilian. But the fact of the matter is that these battle-hardened people can’t function properly when they return to their actual life. Since all their lives, they were trained to keep the country and its people safe.

Therefore, these people don’t understand how to work and do business like an ordinary business lawyer, carpenter, or just a shopkeeper. They surely deserve a well-earned push, both financially and mentally. For this, many initiatives have been taken to provide primary resources for veterans to become a business owner to earn a living for themselves.

Veteran’s Business Outreach Center

The VBOC is an organization that aims to help veterans all around the country in any way and shape possible. The organization has its operations all over the United States. The primary thing they provide is training, counseling, mentoring, business strategies, and many other resources so that the veterans can stand back on their feet. One of the most favorite things they do is the ‘Bunker in a Box’ where the veterans are given 14 missions. Each mission generally represents a particular topic aimed towards helping the veterans start their own business. This is one of the many bodies working towards catering to the veterans in starting their own business.

The Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans (EBV)

This group invites veterans, especially disabled veterans, to come and take their intensive training course entirely for free from all over the US. They also recorded that almost over 70% of the veterans who graduate from their academy end up opening their own successful business. Therefore, the course itself is highly practical and useful. The training program itself is a three-phase program where in the first phase, a self-study is conducted by the veterans upon themselves to find what they are good at. After the first phase, the second phase makes you go through university sessions where intense workshops are conducted on how to become successful entrepreneurs. Lastly, the veterans are given on-going support for as long as they require. This helps them to get established before being left unsupervised and free.

Veteran Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship (V-WISE)

As the name suggests, this program is directly particularly for the females who have given their sweat and blood in the military. This is quite like the above program, where a three-phase step is followed. But the first phase involves fifteen days of online classes. The next step is a 3-day event/workshop where the guests are invited to meet other veterans and go through a mentorship phase. The last stage is the business launch, along with the on-going advice and help from the mentors.

These are some of the resources that are either cheap or free for veterans to use to improve their lifestyle and living conditions.

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