Is It Safe to Fly on Airplanes During Coronavirus Scare?

Is It Safe to Fly on Airplanes During Coronavirus Scare?

The outbreak of the coronavirus was an unprecedented tragedy that soon turned into a global pandemic killing thousands of people from all over the world. It was and still is like something the world was not prepared for. The coronavirus is not only extremely dangerous but also very viral. In fact, it spreads more quickly than any other disease in the world right now. Due to the pandemic, thousands of industries suffered as the world went into a complete lockdown. Travel and logistics industry was the one industry that suffered immensely. Flights were stopped and airports were shut down for many months and even today many flights are being flown on partial capacity with the scare that the coronavirus might spread due to contact on air flights as well. The airlines would be happy to provide people with special discounts, jet card offers, promotions as well as other perks and benefits so that people start to take flight with them but the pandemic has its own rules.

Having said that, many airlines around the world have started to operate on full capacity because the demands of traveling from one destination to another kept on increasing. The industry itself could not afford to stay locked down for such a long period of time. But still, a question still remains: is it safe to fly on airplanes during the coronavirus?

Is it safe to fly on Airplanes during coronavirus scare?

In order to answer this question, some main factors must be taken into consideration. First of all, it would be very dumb and irresponsible of people to take any public transport let alone airplanes without following the required SOPs. Hence, it is advised that taking SOPs properly and thoroughly is the first and foremost step into taking any mode of transport. Other than that, it is very important to follow all the instructions given by the airport and airline staff before and during the flight because these are special circumstances and no one can afford to catch the virus in these times. Listening to the staff and following their advice carefully might prove to be a blessing for the people boarding the plane. It must also be understood that the world must in one way or the other return back to its original norm. In order for this to happen, little but progressive steps should be taken. In this case, opening the airlines and having them operate at full capacity is the step in the right direction.

Everyone must act responsibly together

The airlines can only do their best. However, in order to be fully secured from the virus, everyone must play their due role fully. It is indeed the responsibility of the people themselves to stay alert and extra cautious on every occasion. At the end of the day, it is in the hands of the people themselves on how to combat with the virus successfully because it is not only their own lives at stake but as we have seen in the past, others’ lives are at stake as well since the virus has the capacity to spread like wildfire.

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