Is It Recreational Pot Smoking or Marijuana Dependency?

Is It Recreational Pot Smoking or Marijuana Dependency?

The consumption of Marijuana has definitely increased over the past few years. Many states have also declared the drug legal to consume around the world. This was done primarily because of the fact that there are a number of primary benefits to the use of the drug as well. However, like every other drug, Marijuana also has a fair share of cons. The most common cons of all are related to the fact that Marijuana is highly addicting and can have a severe effect on your brain as it slows down the entire system. Places like have also started to supply the drug via online ordering, but only in safe amounts and dosages. Having said that, this practice is something that can have adverse effects in the near future.

Even though there are a variety of different methods to consume Marijuana, one of the most common methods is via pot smoking. Pot smoking is a practice that has been there for hundreds of years and now even though, many different styles of pots are available in the market, the concept of Marijuana consumption remains the same.

What is pot smoking?

Pot smoking is a new and recreational name for cannabis smoking. Cannabis smoking is the process of inhaling smoke and vapors after the process of heating the extracts of cannabis or Marijuana. This smoke releases the psychoactive chemical, THC which is the main reason why the drug is so addictive. THC is the chemical that is absorbed into the bloodstream and makes the user addicted to the drug, Pot smokers become really dependent on the drug since pot-smoking makes the person inhale a very high dosage of the drug, making the person more high than usual. Pot smoking is usually done by more experienced users of the drug since it is riskier and leads to greater addiction.

Pot smoking as a recreational activity

Many years ago, pot-smoking started off as a recreational activity and as a means for people to get together and have a good time. This practice has lasted for many years and can be seen in many parts of the world today. Usually, pot-smoking is not something that can be done alone. So, it is done in the presence of many different people, usually groups of friends who hang out for some hours in the name of this “recreational activity”. However, it won’t be wrong to say that instead of this being a random recreation activity, such meetups become the reason for increasing Marijuana dependency in a person. Since people who are into pot-smoking meet each other regularly just because of the fact that the pot-smoking is on, they get addicted to the feel of gathering together and smoking pot and so, this activity of meeting people after a long time becomes more and more regular since everyone in the group needs to address their addictions and also their needs to smoke pot. Unfortunately, such gatherings need to be limited or it would lead to dire consequences as far as the health of a person is concerned.

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