How does antiperspirant work?

How does antiperspirant work?

Let’s face it. Everyone wants and also loves to smell nice throughout the day and possibly in the night as well. The invention of antiperspirants changed the skin game for men and women throughout the world. It became an instant success with several companies developing interest in the skincare and beauty industry. One of such companies is AKT London, a market leader in the cosmetic and skincare business.

For today, we want to dive into the world of antiperspirants and tackle the most basic of questions. What is the science behind an antiperspirant? And how does it work?

What is antiperspirant? And how does it work?

We thought we should start with the basic information. In this case, it would be what an antiperspirant is. Antiperspirants are skincare products that use Aluminium salts to stop the sweat glands in your armpits from releasing sweat. Antiperspirants do this by use of a thin film of gel. This should be the case when antiperspirants are applied correctly and efficiently to the body.

To make it more understandable, think of antiperspirants as plugs. When you apply two strokes of antiperspirants to your armpits (which is the recommended number), you create a gel plug to the upper parts of your sweat glands, preventing the flow of more sweat from your body.

Aluminum salts are a major component in all deodorants. Manufacturers and industrial chemists would argue it is the game-changer. Aluminum salts seek to reduce the flow of sweat in your armpit. They mix with the sweat, making it more viscous and slow. Think of honey, just slower and thicker. Aluminum salts also play a role in reducing the odor that is caused by your sweat. Body odor is linked with the action of bacteria in your armpits. Aluminum salts tend to weaken bacteria in your underarm area.

Antiperspirants vs. deodorants

And what is the difference between this and a deodorant? We are sure that is the question in your head. Most of our clients get used to thinking that the two products are the same. We can assure you that this fact is untrue.

Deodorants work on the body odor and less on your pores. By design, deodorants kill the bacteria that are found near or on your armpits, but it does not stop the flow of sweat from your pores like an antiperspirant. Deodorant work to help you simply smell well.

In terms of which one is better between (an antiperspirant and a deodorant), we would recommend the use of an antiperspirant. And this is our rationale. The modern-day antiperspirants are designed with special compounds that have a savory and nice smell. So, once the thin film gel has covered your pores and reduces the flow of sweat, your armpits still have a nice smell to them.

In addition, some companies and shops have deodorant-antiperspirant combos that can do both at once.

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