Five Countries Where People Like Gambling

Five Countries Where People Like Gambling

Gambling is associated with being a bad thing and linked with other harmful behaviors like overconsumption of alcohol and obnoxious behavior. But there are people who live for this kind of thing. In fact, they can have a day or week in which they miss something like this. In order to know and feel something, then you must see it. Well, that’s the only way to believe in something.

In this article, we will be talking about the top five countries that have hunger and constant desire to indulge in what is perceived to be a taboo in other countries. It is a matter of travel and understanding, knowing where, if you are interested. This slot is only for the few who dare to dream. If you are one of them, let’s dive in.


Although they are not some of the most athletic people, the Chinese people have a love for sports betting and are huge fans of soccer.  Although gambling is prohibited in casinos, it is widely accepted on other platforms and avenues. In fact, there are many bookmakers and casinos in Hong Kong.

The government could also be a great factor in the promotion of this luxury, as they enjoy huge amounts of money to the treasury.

United Kingdom

The environment that we are in mostly shapes what decisions we will make in the future and the present moment. If you are in the UK, then by default you are in the world of sports – and we are majorly talking about the English Premier League here. Sport is a culture here, and any business-oriented person will use leverage to create a means of putting food on the table. This means that the local bookmakers earn millions of dollars.

Due to this culture and love, then gambling becomes a norm. UK automatically then sits on this list.


In the upper parts of North America, a gold mine sits. If you are a lover of diversifying, then this is the place to go. This is because Canadians love different types of gambling: lotteries, betting, card games and more. This means that people have the luxury of seeing where they will get most out of their money. Despite the government trying to stop this behavior, more than seventy percent of the Canadian citizens keep on playing.

Kenya and Nigeria

Both African countries have been in the business of gambling between the times of 1960s and 2000s. A good example is Kenya, where gambling was legalized as early as 1966. This is the heart of the citizens in this country, and the government has now created the inflexible directives for online gambling.

Countries like Nigeria show their love for gambling freely by advertising gambling companies with TV commercials. Furthermore, it doesn’t limit gambling to bookmakers and extends it to retailers and anyone with online access.


Italy’s staple food is gambling. And by that they mean, that a half of what is generated by their economy is from electric slots. The message is clear that many people in this country spend their money and effort in casinos. Italians are no different from Britons and are addicted to football. And that love is so clear that it ripped an economic hole in the country.

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