Does My Dog Need Supplements? Here’s the Answer

Does My Dog Need Supplements? Here’s the Answer

We all know that our dogs need to have a balanced diet, just like we do. But one question that many dog owners ask is if their pet needs any supplements at all.

What are supplements exactly?

A supplement is a product or an element that provides additional nutritional value beyond what food offers. There are supplements for dogs to meet all their needs, including protection from disease, high-quality nutrition, and even weight management.

To better understand your needs as a pet owner, you should be familiar with the term nutrient. It is any substance that provides health benefits outside what food delivers.

Which supplements does your pup need?

Supplements take your dog’s health and nutritional needs to the next level and provide vital additions to his diet and overall well-being. Besides the vitamins your dog needs to survive, there are quite a lot of great supplements that can help with his overall health and physical state.

The most common ones are probiotics, omega three fatty acids, zinc, vitamin D3, and Dextrose– which are used in IV fluids or in diabetic pets to treat diabetes. These are just a few of the supplements.

Probiotics help control the immunity of a dog, help with weight management and other problems like excessive gas or even diarrhea. You can give your dog probiotics once a day, preferably with food. Most of the time, they come in pill form.

Omega fatty acids, omega-3 benefits are boosting the immune system, lessening allergic reactions, and providing healthy coats.

Zinc boosts the immune system and helps against skin diseases. Unhealthy diets or stress cause illnesses such as dermatitis or eczema.

How to know if your dog is getting enough vitamins and minerals for his age, size, weight, breed type?

You can calculate the number of nutrients your pup needs based on statistics for his weight and age. Here is a simple calculation:

Bodyweight in kilograms divided by 100 = Daily nutrients in grams.

Dogs’ quality of life depends on the body care they get. The best way to do this is to ensure they get the diet with nutrients and supplements they need.

What if your dog is obese and has a lot of excess weight to lose?

Your dog will not get enough nutrients from his food alone and will require extra supplementation.

For a dog with a weight of 30 kilograms, he should eat 0.25 grams (30/100) (qt. in Prey DB) per day.

If your dog is underweight, consult your vet to know the right amount of nutrients for him.

Too much or too little nutrients can damage your dog’s health.

They will either be deficient (not enough) or excessive (too much) and this can lead to health issues like diabetes, liver disease, kidney disease, and malnutrition. Any of these conditions need immediate vet attention to save your pet’s life.

Final Words

Supplements can be a great way of helping your dog, but you need to ensure that they do not turn into a whole new habit for him. It goes without saying that if you want your dog to be healthy, choose only high-quality products like VPL(Vital Pet Life company).

The best thing is to give them a balanced diet and supplement their health as needed.

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