Common Pinterest Mistakes That Are Easy to Avoid

Common Pinterest Mistakes That Are Easy to Avoid

Pinterest is an excellent platform that can help your business grow. However, it will only make your business flourish if you use it the right way. Some companies are not using Pinterest the way they should. Consequently, they end up making mistakes that turn out to be a problem for the company itself. Hence, to avoid errors, one must know about the common Pinterest mistakes.


The major mistake regarding Pinterest is that people consider Pinterest as a social media platform like Facebook and Instagram. Thus, one should know that Pinterest is a search engine based on visual search. This denotes that there are a lot of opportunities one can avail of if he uses Pinterest wisely. Moreover, there is more than just creating striking pin images on Pinterest. The way to help you enhance the search on Pinterest is using keywords which are listed as follows:

  • Profile name on Pinterest
  • Profile description on Pinterest
  • Description of your pin on Pinterest
  • Names of Personal board
  • Description of Personal board

If you have rich pins, your second opportunity is to use more keywords that reflect your post. Don’t repeat the mistake of losing opportunities that help you increase your chance of being found quickly.

Assuming that all pins are similar to one another

Another common Pinterest mistake is assuming that all fasteners are the same. Why use the same pin for different products, and why use the same image template for all the Pinterest images? Make sure you aim to focus on the development and not much on the text. When you choose a DIY blog post, it will go perfectly with multiple pins.

Use of hashtags not done

Since the early days, hashtags have been a part of Pinterest. This shows the significance of hashtags. Hence, it is recommended that you post at least 4-5 relevant hashtags with every pin.

Moreover, make sure you include the hashtags at the end of the pin where there is the description. Don’t randomly scatter your hashtags in between your report.

Using hashtags in board descriptions

Including hashtags in board descriptions will not bring you any benefit. No one can find you through these hashtags, so why add them?

Using giraffe pins

Previously, lengthy pins, also known as giraffe pins, were famous, but they are no longer in practice. The fact is that Pinterest itself discourages the use of long pins as they are cut when a person views a feed.

Role of Mobile

Many researchers use Pinterest on their phones. No matter how wide it is, a phone’s screen will always be smaller than that of a desktop. So, to make sure the image is crisp and clear, try zooming out to see what image will look good on a mobile phone.

To brief it out, it is crucial to know the common Pinterest mistakes people make so that you don’t repeat the same ones. That is why it is essential to go with the flow. Don’t go for shortcuts. Do all the work with precision so that the viewers are happy. Thus, if you follow these tips, you will soon be on the road to success in terms of the Pinterest world. After that, you will be able to get more followers and will succeed in your business.

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