CCPA and Global Privacy

CCPA and Global Privacy

The Internet has completely altered the dynamics of work and personal life. Everything is now merely a click of a button away, and things have become more convenient and user-friendly than ever before. There are still several issues being faced by the new technology. The world is now talking more and more about how even though this technology has made our lives easier, there is no transparency and privacy left. For things to work smoothly over the net, there are requirements of private and sensitive information that may be subject to a security breach on numerous occasions. To monitor this situation carefully and eradicate any similar threats, there are many applications and websites like Ethyca who try to promote global privacy protection.

There is now significant pressure to become compliant. Concerned government authorities are doing this to introduce practices to promote protection of sensitive and vital information so that it does not end up in the wrong hands. For this purpose alone, acts like the CCPA have also been introduced

What is CCPA?

CCPA or the California Consumer Protection Act is a new state regulation to be introduced by the local governments. This act intends to enhance and promote privacy rights and all forms of consumer protection specifically for the residents of California. Even though it is somewhat confined to California residents, it will most definitely have a widespread global impact since it, directly and indirectly, applies to businesses that collect sensitive or personal information of any sorts from California residents.

The global impact of CCPA?

Since the world has almost become a global village and the US market is extremely significant, any changes in the privacy laws in one state of the US will alter global practices. The CCPA is expected to set the trend for states throughout the world as well. It is expected that more and more countries will now look to adopt stricter data privacy laws and become compliant since this is now the need of the hour. Adding to this, now there will be an increase in consumer expectations regarding data privacy. Previously, more than 70% of customers hesitated to buy from online retailers since they were afraid of giving their contact and other information. However, with the introduction of acts like the CCPA, this number is likely to be reduced significantly globally. This will give clients the assurance that since the company has fully complied, there is no chance of a data or privacy breach from the company’s end. Such an assurance only means that the clients will trust the company more and order their desired products or services, primarily via online transactions. The CCPA and similar acts give a cushion and a margin to the companies and the customers alike who are eagerly awaiting their order.

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