What We Do

Nomination forms are collected throughout the year through this web site or at participating dealerships. In early September, the Impact Committee, part of the Lennox Dealer Advisory Council (comprised of 12 dealers throughout the state of Wisconsin) reviews the nominations, separates them by county, and forwards them to local participating dealers.
Nominees are chosen based on a variety of criteria, including physical, mental, or social disabilities; financial challenges; job loss; military service; community service; and more.
The installing dealers contact a nominee from the applications, often visiting their home to review the job site and ensure they will have all of the materials necessary for the installation.
Then, on the first Saturday in October, all of the participating Lennox dealerships across Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula install a brand-new, high-efficiency Lennox gas furnace for their chosen nominee. These furnaces are provided by Lennox to the dealerships free of charge, and all labor and installation materials are donated by the installing dealer and their employees.

There is only one thing the recipients need to do... enjoy the comfort, efficiency, and safety their new furnace provides!