How You Can Help

NOMINATE! The Heat U.P. Wisconsin program is based on submissions. If we don’t know of someone who is deserving, we can’t help them!

Nominees are chosen based on a variety of criteria, including physical, mental, or social disabilities; financial challenges; job loss; military service; community service; and more. If you think someone is deserving, nominate them and tell us why!

HELP US GET THE WORD OUT! Tell others about Heat U.P. Wisconsin: Tell your neighbors, your church, your children’s schools, and other local support organizations. Post information about Heat U.P. Wisconsin on your Facebook page, and like us on ours.

ASK YOUR LOCAL LENNOX DEALERSHIP TO JOIN HEAT U.P. WISCONSIN (if they haven’t already). Encourage them to use this program to give back to the great community they serve. The more participating dealers we have, the more people we can help!