2012 Articles

Hermans warming homes and hearts

By Matt Kapinos

The Denmark News

For the third year in a row, Wisconsin Lennox Dealers, their employees and Lennox International have teamed up to “Heat Up Wisconsin”!

Last year, 72 high-efficiency, Energy Star rated Lennox gas furnaces were installed by Wisconsin Dealers and donated by Lennox Heating & Cooling to deserving families and homeowners in Wisconsin who had fallen on tough times. The campaign achieved tremendous success and in response to that success, Lennox and the Wisconsin and U.P. dealers have committed to providing 100 furnaces for the 2011 Heat U.P. Wisconsin campaign, which will expand to include families and Lennox dealers in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula!

The campaign not only helped the many families in need; it also helped raise awareness to the Lennox brand while it showcased the unmatched commitment of the independent Lennox dealers in Wisconsin.….dealers who clearly provide more than products and services to the communities they live and work in. No catch - just neighbors helping neighbors.

This past Saturday, starting at 6:00 in the morning, Pete ‘Sparky’ Hermans of Hermans Heating and Air Conditioning and one of his employees installed a brand new Lennox furnace in the home of cancer survivor Dolly Guns (Boehm).

Dolly said this of the gift provided her and her family by Hermans and Lennox, “My family is very blessed by the generosity of Lennox and Hermans Heating & A.C.  We appreciate the time and effort from Hermans Heating and A.C. to make this happen.  They have made a difference for us with their positive impact.  A thank you is just not enough!”

Below, in her own words, is Dolly’s story:

My Story

In 2008, at age 38, I was diagnosed with Stage 2B Breast Cancer.  Four cycles of Chemotherapy and 34 Radiation treatments followed surgery.  In February 2011, Cancer returned and had spread to my Spine and Liver.  Six cycles of infused Chemotherapy, with several complications.  20 Radiation treatments to my Spine (which I now have nerve damage and constant pain which makes it difficult to sleep.)   The Cancer was hormone induced, so I then had a hysterectomy.  Bone chemotherapy is still given every 4 weeks.  In April 2012, Cancer showed new liver growth and more bone sites; lower back, hip bones, hip joints and lymph nodes in the throat. I was told I would have a year of life with treatment.   I am now on an oral chemotherapy; I take 10 pills a day, seven days on and seven days off.   I am nauseous 24/7 on or off the pills.  I am still getting the Bone Chemotherapy now every 6 weeks.  I have been able to manage the side effects well.  Most often, I don’t feel well, but you would never know it because I have a lot of life to live and a lot to be thankful for everyday!   Cancer does not define me!  I have never said “why me?,” instead, “why not me?” 

Thanks for reading my story,