Welcome to Heat U.P. Wisconsin!

Neighbors helping neighbors

The motto for the Heat U.P Wisconsin program is so appropriate: This program asks you to nominate someone you know who needs a helping hand. Then, local Lennox heating contractors install a new, high-efficiency Lennox furnace for those who are chosen! At first glance, this program seems simple in design: Lennox Industries donates up to 100 furnaces to participating Wisconsin and Michigan Upper Peninsula Lennox dealers. Then, the dealers and their employees donate the installation materials and labor needed to install the furnaces. Behind the scenes, though, you'll find a network of industry leaders coming together to make this program work! First, we have 3 key ingredients:

  • Lennox Industries, who donates the furnaces and sponsor Honeywell, who donates thermostats for each installation.
  • Local Lennox heating contractors, who donate the installation materials and whose employees donate their labor to install the furnaces.
  • People like you, who nominate neighbors in your community!


Second, there are many others who have helped this program become a success. For example, Honeywell donates thermostats for the installations; and several media companies donate radio air time, billboards, and other marketing opportunities to help us get the word out about this great program.
Best of all, the news is spreading! Since Heat U.P. Wisconsin began in 2010, participating Lennox dealers have installed hundreds of free, high-efficiency furnaces, providing more than $2.2 MILLION in support! We can’t wait for this year's installations in October!

The Impact Foundation wants to continue to give back to our communities. We are offering multiple scholarships to students and/or employees in the HVAC Industry to help them pursue their careers. Please click here to find out more information about the Impact Foundation or click here to get more information on Scholarships.

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Thank you to our supporters and sponsors, especially Honeywell